Neurals strike back: Pietro Berti plays the “Guitar”

In the last six years he has collaborated with various DJ and producer colleagues and a range of different labels, and he is inspired by many genres and styles. Pietro Berti, aka Outwork, says he has never followed one specific genre: and this is because he listens to a lot of different music and lets himself be influenced by whichever one inspires him the most. Now on Neurals (Media Records EVO), Pietro releases “Guitar”, a new progressive trance track, which features a very original electric guitar solo.

Did you learn anything from music in the early Nineties?
“Yes, especially the tunes from Media Records, which I referred to a lot. Many of those melodies have always been my favourite”.
How do you imagine the dance sound over the next few years?
“Very close to the house style but with a rhythm that is closer to techno”.
Have you ever thought about your album?
“I often think about it, I would like to propose tracks that I have been building up for years, which I cannot release as singles. As I believe this would make a fantastic listening experience for people who like electronic dance music”.
What is your favourite genre?
“Electronic music in general, ever since the Eighties. In my productions there is always a hint of the electronic sound”.
In your opinion, what is the strongest dance track ever?
“I would say ‘Children’ by Robert Miles, because it features a unique melody that has always made the difference”.
Are you working on new singles?
“Yes, I’m already working on the follow-up to ‘Do Not Ask Me Why’, a project born with DeeProg and Myselfs. This collaboration has energised me a lot and I don’t want that to stop. Myselfs has already written the lyrics, and I am working on the musical arrangement. Another project, created in collaboration with two Spanish producers, is also ready and will be released in September”.