Leo Paoletta is the most prolific DJ on the move

Leo Paoletta is a producer and DJ that for years has been exploring electronics with style and confidence and started in 1990 at a local radio station. Now he also plays in many Italian clubs. Making a search on the web of the labels present in the music scene that most closely matched his genre, he discovered Firstplanet Pro platform. Waiting for his new single like Leo P: “Homeland”.

“It is a unique and very ambitious project, one of the few labels, or perhaps the only one, that gives the possibility to emerging and non-emerging producers to make themselves known and to be able to become part of the musical panorama that counts”.
Do you always try to give your sound the right contamination?
“Yes, while trying to always stay in the genre that inspires me and giving nuances and references to progressive, deep tech and minimal. I am convinced that those who make the DJ and produce music must listen and have a 360 degree vision; and a fundamental component in this context, in my opinion, is its musical and cultural heritage”.
Today’s electronics market still attracts a large number of people.
“The tangible proof is the human masses that participate in the various world-class festivals where they show the sacred monsters of this genre. In some of my tracks there is a bit ‘of electro influence, but without excess, since I try, always within limits, to remain in the standards of techno”.
Do you have to say thank you to someone?
“Especially to a guru of music like Gianfranco Bortolotti, who believed and believes in me and my productions, constantly urging me to create more and more explosive”.
How can you be so prolific?
“Honestly, I would like to be even more so, but I would risk creating tracks that are not up to standard”.