On Neurals Records Aevus with “La Serenata”

Aveus is the pseudonym of Brazilian Mauro Augusto Putti, who has a particular vice for everything that is considered Uplifting and Trance and also a great admiration for the Neurals Channel (Media Records EVO group). His “La Serenata” track is a true sound excursion with superb harmonies. A super and hooky floor-filler, which is ideal for DJs playing in both large and small sized clubs.

You are not a new name in the electronic scene.
“I believe that if you work really hard, if you believe in your dreams, if you do the things with love and passion and most importantly, have the right people by your side (people that always push you up and believe in you, respecting your limits), then everything is easier to achieve. First of all, I always respect the fans. I also don’t like competition in music, I never did. I see music as art, fun, friendship and moments of joy. People who want to compete in the music industry, should be in the Olympics or the World Cup. This applies to party promoters, DJs and artists in my opinion”.

You live in Brazil so why do you feel Italian?
“Actually it’s more than a feeling, it’s a cultural origin and family thing. My whole family has Italian roots (on both my father’s & mother’s sides). They originally moved from Italy (Sicily, most of them) to Brazil. So, we have dual citizenship and passports. I lived and studied in Italy for a while, in many places, and also in Spain and the USA, whilst in all of these places, I used my Italian citizenship and passport. My whole family is also very traditional Italian, but living in São Paulo, and it’s a very very big family, as my grandmother on my mother’s side had 13 brothers and sisters!”.

Tell us how your latest single was born.
“’La Serenata” was born as a follow up to “God’s Particle”, my first single for Media Records. Last year, Mario Più asked me to produce a new uplifting track with an emotional touch and feeling. So I made the melody and production of ‘La Serenata’ (the original mix). That was a very special day. One of those days when inspiration speaks loudly from your heart. “La Serenata” is about those moments in life we spend together with the people we love. This could be your wife, girlfriend, boyfriend, family, people in a club, or even a giant crowd of thousands of people enjoying music!! Its all about love for the music, special moments and a genuine love for life. “La Serenata” will be an important part of my first album, which is due to be released soon through Media Records EVO. There will also be an exclusive version of this track made specially for the album”.

Why did you choose Neurals Records?
“Easy answer, because I love and trust Media Records and Neurals. It’s a label which has genuine passion for the music, and it’s owned by one of the most iconic Italian electronic music artists, Mario Più. Also because Media Records is run by a legend in the Italian history of Electronic Music, Gianfranco Bortolotti, someone who I have a huge admiration and respect for”.

How did you meet Mario Più?
“Mario is a great person, a huge talent, humble and has a giant heart. I met Mario on twitter talking about the current electronic music landscape, worldwide. Actually, I have listened to Mario’s music since I was very young. I believe the first time I heard a track by him was in the BXR Superclub in the 90’s. I then had the honour of seeing him play in the Gatecrasher tent at Skol Beats in Brazil in 2004, and I will never forget the pure BXR sound that I heard that day, so I also see him as my mentor and an inspiration creatively”.

How did you arrive at your production sound?
“I don’t like to be stuck in one typical style of production. I agree with Armin Van Buuren when he says “don’t be a prisoner of your own style”. So with every new track I try to find a different path, different elements, harmonies, new sounds etc. Some tracks sounds similar to each other, and some are totally different, ranging from the kick to the harmonies and the bpm”.

What do you think of the new breed of trance producers in the world?
“Ok, well talking about well known names, I like so much of the new stuff from people like Alessandra Roncone, Andrea Ribeca, Allen Watts, Darren Porter, John Askew and especially their powerful tracks which are full of emotion. However, there are just too many to mention here. Regarding new and upcoming producers, I really love the modern sound they bring to the scene, but I don’t like it when all the uplifting or trance tracks, sound the same, so we all need to keep things original”.

You have just played in Argentina. How was the experience there and what are your future plans?
“Buenos Aires was absolutely amazing. I felt loved by the Argentinian Trance Family. Really beautiful people who are full of life & energy. I have them inside my heart for sure and we are planning more big things together in a near future. I have been going to Argentina, since I was very young, and part of my family are also from there too, so I feel right at home”.

What will your next releases be?
“My first album is scheduled to be released in the second half of 2018 on Neurals Records. The album has 17 new tracks ranging from progressive to uplifting. I have produced some very unique tracks for this record, so I am also able to show a bit of diversity in my musical ideas, and the sounds and styles that I have used”.