Cappella in full effect: an interview with the amazing duo

Cappella is an Italian Eurodance project formed in 1987 by Italian visionary and music producer Gianfranco Bortolotti. The act went through a number of line-up changes over the years but were most successful in the 1990’s. Their biggest hit was “U Got 2 Let the Music”, which reached No.2 in the UK charts in 1993, followed by “Move On Baby”, “U & Me”, “Move It Up” and many more. The name Cappella was first used in 1987, when they were a hi-nrg influenced house act created and produced by Gianfranco Bortolotti. In 2013, and after many Gold and Platinum discs, Cappella returned with a new line up featuring Lis (vocals) and Marcus (rapper). Here they both talk with us.

How was your live partnership formed?
“We met in 2004 through mutual friends. We both had a love for music and decided to start our own project. We built our show from the ground up and were invited to perform on tours around the UK alongside chart topping acts, which led to us becoming the new faces of Cappella in 2013. We love the energy and vibe of EDM and love the unity it brings to the lovers of music. What happens during a Cappella show is a mix of energy and fun. We love to get engaged with the crowd and get them to jump around with us”.

Are you ready with a brand new song?
“New songs are being planned and we are currently looking for new productions within emerging styles. So yes, we plan to release a new single, and a new album in the future, so watch this space”.

How did you meet Gianfranco Bortolotti?
“We were working with an agency in London who arranged for us to meet with GFB. We met up in London, had lunch, and then went to a studio to perform for him. We then presented him with a video that we had made, with footage from our live shows and performances. We were told about the opportunity to meet with GFB and the possibility of becoming the new faces of Cappella, and this was very much an honour for us because we were already a touring male/female duo, that could sing and rap, so this opportunity was meant to be”.

What is your relationship like with Italy?
“We have not performed much in Italy so far but would love to become more involved with the Italian music scene. We had one of our favourite holidays in Italy, it is a truly amazing place, and of course it’s the birthplace of Cappella. We are actually planning on coming over to visit GFB very soon and hopefully we will also be performing in Italy in the very near future”.

Where have Cappella been performing recently?
“We have been performing with Cappella in different territories around Europe from London to Amsterdam, Vienna to Helsinki, Oslo to Ibiza and many more as part of the big 90’s festivals and revival events”.

Which musical road would you like to travel down in the future?
“We love the sound of Cappella and the 90’s vibe but the sound of the future will be something new from emerging styles but it will always be Cappella”.

Where did your passion for music come from?
Marcus says: “My mum used to play soul and rock & roll records to me as a child and I became obsessed with becoming a singer. I was also a young teenager in the 90’s so I fell in love with the that particular dance scene. It was always my dream from a very young age to be a professional performer”.
Lis says: “My mum also used to play music to me as a young girl, I grew up listening to The Carpenters and Mamas and Papas and had a love for musical theatre, but as a teenager I got into pop and club music and also had the same dream of being a professional performer”.

Which international artists do you admire?
Marcus: “I like many different artists and styles of music, ranging from Johnny Cash and The Beatles to Robbie Williams and Bob Marley but I also love the dance music from the 90s and the sounds of Rozalla, Baby D and Urban Cookie Collective. However if I like a song, then I like it. I just love music and the way it moves your emotions”.
Lis: “One of my favourite bands is Aerosmith but I do have a guilty pleasure for bands like The Vengaboys, Aqua and Savage Garden but also like Marcus, I have a love for 90s dance music, and anything I can get up and dance too”.

Are you true Cappella fans?
Marcus: “I used to listen to Cappella on my Walkman as I delivered newspapers as a teenager and I would stand in the mirror and rap along to Cappella, pretending I was on stage! So being in Cappella now is genuinely one of my dreams that has manifested into reality”.
Lis: “I can honestly say that in of all the shows I have ever done, I have never enjoyed anything as much as I enjoy being part of Cappella. I’m so grateful to be part of this project, and we have a lot of respect for GFB, So yes, we are both true Cappella fans”.

Are you planning more tours?
“We were just part of the ‘We Love The 90’s Tour’ in Norway and have some awesome shows coming up for Cappella throughout the rest of 2018. We are hoping to do many more tours and events around Europe in 2019 and into the future”.