The music Transformer Halum & Gabry Cantoni are launching their attack with “Grimlock”

Does it sound like an Italian track? No, ‘cause if it sounds like an Italian track, we’ll give up. But Neurals Records (Media Records EVO Group) will not stop at unquestionable judgments: it’s proud, full of energy and careless, in clubs, in the charts, among hundreds of feedbacks and thousands of mp3. Halum & Gabry Cantoni are two young heroes of which Italy is proud. “Grimlock” is their track, it’s a kick, cutting into the lower-belly, splitting woofers and making the hearts of trance lovers fly. This is a track that will surely become a reference in many recording studios. It’s so perfect: a martial sequencer, a military progression, a choice of artillery sounds to conquer the whole planet.

Gabry Cantoni says: “My music style is evolution trance progressive. I’m excited, now: I feel positive for this release. I think this sound could evolve into trance and techno during the big events but also in clubs. My goal is always to have a new goal to progress in my career: I don’t have any limit. I had my first studio experience when I was fifteen”.

What’s the best record ever, in your opinion, and why?
Gabry Cantoni adds: “I don’t think that there is any best record ever, but I think there are many records that convey energy and emotions”.

Halum say: “Our latest work was ‘Kurama/Broken Soul EP’ released on Elliptical Sun Recordings and It was the first since the Halum project that started in 2018. Talking about new songs, we have a track ready, in collaboration with Gabry Cantoni (for ‘Grimlock’) which is going to be released on Neurals Records. We are also working on the follow up of ‘Kurama’, and we have a lot of new tracks in progress”.

Progressive trance is right now in Halum life.
“Yup. We think that there are a lot of new influencers in trance music such as Alpha 9, Gai Barone and Marcus Santoro. These guys have a personal style and this is the most important thing for us. Trance music is the perfect place to experience in this moment for us, but we also appreciate the groove of house music and the energy of the techno music. There isn’t only one person, but if we our pick is Above & Beyond because their sound is constantly evolving and it is always combined with amazing melodies. A&B productions are full of energy and they are emotional, everything we want to listen from a track. We fear that our music may not be understood by a large number of people, so we are working harder to get through that. Our first live event was 5 years ago in a famous club near Turin. Before we were terrified to perform live, because we never played in front of people but, when we started to play, everything was fantastic”.