Neurals Night spins the wheel with Mario Più and Ricky Le Roy

Next Friday, April 20th, Neurals Records will be back. The third act of trance onenight will take place at VIP DiscoClub in Sesto San Giovanni (Milan, Italy), a truly innovative venue for audio and video technology. Mario Più (Neurals Records A&R) and Ricky Le Roy (well-known like a real DJ trance lover in the past main act on the historic BXR label) will be at the console. Dj and organizer of the evening, Mario Più will propose a set that he defines as “past, present & future”. In support of the warm-up, the DJ and producer Tomak is ready.

Neurals Night party has a monthly frequency. “I think it’s a special onenight”, explains Mario Più. “This is an event which is different from my other evenings, both for the music genre and for the atmosphere. There’s a special focus on trance, of course, in all its nuances and not in terms of history. Old, futurist, current: we play it all and without prejudices”.

Neurals Night has already hosted many friends and colleagues of Mario Più, such as Manuel Le Saux, Voolgarizm, Francesco Sambero and Andrea Mazza. Thanks to the supervision of the Neurals music channel belonging to Media Records EVO Group platform, interaction with trance fans is constant and interesting. Names suggested by the ever-growing community are always taken into consideration.