Neurals Records space station is out of its orbit

Media Records EVO trance channel Neurals Records is ready with another brand new smash hits.

Moratto, Mario Più – “Words Of God” (Neurals Records)
In Media Records EVO trance world, and specifically in Neurals Records, a unique claim: unity is strength. So, two production legends work together for an amazing song: Elvio Moratto, a visionary sound designer, and Mario Più, a DJ and A&R (from the above channel). Together, the pair created a track from the very progressive and very “Moroderian” sequencer; an arrangement and harmonies of the late nineties and a vocal that seems taken from a rally in Hyde Park in London: “Words Of God” echo in the air. And this seals the partnership between two biggest artists.

Mr. Hyde – “Lullaby” (Trance Stellar Mix) (Neurals Records)
Mr. Hyde is a project that approaches the atmosphere of Neurals Records planet. Yet another energetic and uplifting song, after the pairing with Ciro Visone “Emozioni”, for the trance brand supervised by DJ Mario Più and in the orbit of the Media Records EVO platform, this “Lullaby” (in the Trance Stellar Mix version). A super track that moves towards the most euphoric side of the style, focussing on a melody and a true piano riff. The breakdown is short-lived and yet it’s effective, it is perfect for a break for the highest levels, for small clubs but also large events and international festivals. A radiant and effective production that consolidates the neural flow of the Italian DJ, always quick when it comes to scouting.

Voolgarizm – “Fear of The Dark” (Neurals Records)
Voolgarizm is a hard and proven project, already landed on Neurals and created on Outburst thanks to Mark Sherry: this time too, as it already happened in the past, the production brand focuses on a rock cover, “Fear of the Dark”, this Extended Club Mix resumes the single track of the ninth studio album of the British musical Iron Maiden band. The recipe is always the same: tech-trance and break-down pop rock rhythms that satisfy the general public but also niche fans.

Fabrice – “Supernatural” (Neurals Records)
The platform designed by Gianfranco Bortolotti continues to churn out projects: Media Records EVO, with Neurals channel, has created the magical world of Fabrice and his “Supernatural”. An instrumental track comes from this imaginative bridge that travels shipped in the trance from the sustained bpm. An interlocking game, an overlapping of sequencers and grooves is the track backbone, harmonising pads and choirs with a non-ethereal non-neurotic and at the same time amiable and enjoyable sound. A special production and it would seem a musical transition for an artist who’s ready to come back with a follow-up to the height.

Matteo Marini – “Skydive” (Neurals Records)
Can you be elegant by combining sport with progressive music? Yes, and it is taught by Matteo Marini, a magician of sound research, a great friend of Neurals and a true researcher of special sounds, useful to make creations unique. “Skydive”, from the love of the producer for skydiving, is an example: a track that has also some cinematic and electronic features with very slight trance shades. A dive into the sky, performed with class, with standing ovation included and designed at the Gaya Blue Studio.