KaioBarssalos slaps the market with “NL Verb”

Straight from Sao Paulo, Brasil, KaioBarssalos is part of the new generation of artists that are surprising with peculiar melodic productions. Kaio has been into music since he was a child, his started playing in mid-2010 and became a music producer in 2013.
Today, apart from producing his own songs, he also works composing soundtracks for movies and other activities. Providing synthetic and metallic sounds, bringing up the upper and abusive side of the music, transposing ambience into the reverberated universe. The artist is now ready with “NL Verb” on Underground channel.
“Media Records is the right platform that gave to me the opportunity to expand my music into new horizons and show my work to the world. And now? I have some tracks with scheduled release on record labels like Reload Records, Ground Factory Records, Eclipse Records and, of course, Underground”.
How would you define your music style?
“My style is a mix of industrial techno with melodic music. But the arrangement and tone elements of the sound take the dance floor by surprise. My goal now is show to the world my feelings and ideas about music always looking for new sounds”.
Tell us about “NL Verb”, please.
“The track transits within the ambiences and metallic timbres that together cause an impact within the historical sonorities”.