Alex Pizzuti & Adalwolf feat Focu Mio are unstoppable with “Lu Rusciu Te Lu Mare”

Inspired by a well-known folk song from Salento, Alex Pizzuti and Adawolf have readapted the theme of “Lu Rusciu Te Lu Mare” by Focu Mio on a base highlighting a melodic line and inevitable Latin percussions. So, this stands out as the dance translation of the Apulian pizzica. Global rhythm and local melody for the seventh release of Firstplanet Academy under the banner of… “glocal”.

How did you meet, Alex Pizzuti and Adawolf?
“We met in a club in our home town, Cosenza, and, as we found out we have the same passion for electronic music, we worked together on several projects”.
Did you expect so much from “Lu Rusciu Te Lu Mare”?
“We did our best with this song, we did not expect the success it is having, but we really believed it”.
Is Focu Mio a fantasy artist name or does it exist?
“He is not a fantasy artist: Focu Mio is a very talented ethnic band”.

Is the song an unreleased track, a cover, a remix? What is it?
“It’s a folk song, revisited in a modern way”.
Where does the idea of ​​using Salento music in dance come from?
“Our aim is always to bring the culture of Southern Italy all over the world and so we decided to do it with this popular song”.
The song is in Italian: do you think that, despite this, it can also be successful abroad?
“With so many positive feedback from many parts of the world, we are sure that it will also work abroad”.
Do you think that making a good video has increased the success of the release?
“Of course, both factors have contributed to the success of this track”.
Are you thinking of a sequel, a new track together, a follow-up?
“We are already creating a new project with the collaboration of a great Brazilian artist, Curio Capoeira, who is well known for the success of ‘Para Voce’ with Gregor Salto”.