Social Music City in two different towns: Milan and Campovolo

1st July. Elrow Nomads @ Social Music City Milano. Nomads, The New World is one of the newest elrow show. It arrives at Social Music City a few days after its Uk debut during Glastonbury festival. ‘Nomads, The New World’ will tear a whole through time and space, transporting Social Music City festival-goers to a strange dimension where stone-age cave dwellers, medieval knights, Bedouins and ancient Egyptians dance with giant blue space people and an array of bizarre and unusual creatures, as dazzling bursts of bright colour fill the alien atmosphere with sparkle and delight. Find the star-gate, open it up and time travel your way to the past, present and future for the wildest party in the galaxy. Djs on stage Sidney Charles b2b Santè, Marc Maya, De La Swing, Toni Varga, Audiomatiques.

22nd July Social Music City @ Campovolo, Reggio Emilia. Saturday 22nd Social Music City lands at Campovolo, aka Reggio Emilia airport. It’s the second time in SMS history: the first one happened one year ago. Dj’s on stage Joseph Capriati, Tale Of Us, Vaal. Now over a decade into his career as a globally touring DJ, there’s hardly an accolade Joseph Capriati hasn’t achieved. He is deservedly one of techno’s most in-demand headliners and continues to better himself as an artist, making every release and performance a special one for his fans. Rubbing shoulders with many of techno’s most skilled producers, and never one to rest on his laurels, starting a label was a natural next step for Capriati. The same ear that has kept his selection so fresh and adventurous for all these years turned to the A&R task for REDIMENSION Records. Tale Of Us is the new unique Berlin based sound scape project of Karm & Matteo Milleri: Every Thursday from June 29th till September 28th, Tale Of Us and their one-night Afterlife at Privilege Ibiza will host a wide range of the most respected and exciting DJs and live acts around, and some emerging talents. Vaal uses to conjure up the emotions that saturate her minimal style: equally human, equally electronic.

Social Music City is a celebration of electronic music and visual art, taking place in Milano from April 30th until September 16th. Social Music City will be held in Porta Romana former railway yard: 10.000 square meters in the heart of town, very close to Lodi Tube Station. A festival shared in six months: in the past two editions, Social Music City stunned 195.000 attendees, with 79 international djs and artists: 26 events at all.

After Expo 2015, Milano is living a real, new renaissance, and #SMC2017 third edition wil give its tribute to this new era, with sounds, images, lights, languages and landscapes.